22 06 2010

1. Our clubhouse is open Mon-Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday 10am-6pm, and Sunday 1pm-6pm.

2. Garbage Disposals- Please do not put any pasta, rice, or potato peels (along with any other type of peelings), down the sink. These items will clog the P-Trap. If your G/D does become clogged: Turn OFF you G/D, have the water running, and use the end of a long/thin item (like a mop or broom) to insert into the G/D through the sink. Twist the mop/broom clockwise to unjam the sink. If this does not work press the red button on the bottom of the G/D casing underneath the sink.

3.Change your A/C filter at least every 2-3 months. Call the office and we will write up a service request to replace it for you.

4.Light bulbs- The resident is responsible for replacing light bulbs after 30 days of move in. After you have purchased the bulbs and you do not have access to replacing them we will be happy to assist you. Contact our office to place a service request.

 5.Smoke Detectors- The resident is responsible for replacing the batteries in the smoke detectors. Please make sure you have 9 volt batteries on hand just in case a battery dies after hours. Please note that if you damage or dispose the smoke detector or remove a battery without replacing it with a working battery, you may be liable to us under Section 92.2611 of the Property Code for $100 plus one month’s rent, actual damages and attorney’s fees.

6.If the power outlets in the kitchen or bathroom stop working, push the RESET button on the outlet with the black and red button to rest your GFI track.

7.If the electricity in your apartment home goes out check your breaker box first, then call your local electricity provider located on the back of your electricity statement.

 8.Dishwasher– Rinse off all particles from your cups, silverware, and plates before putting them in the dishwasher. Use detergent only (no liquid soap).

9.Control Card- This card will give you access to our front gate as well as our 24- Hour fitness center. Please remember if you do loose or break this card you will be liable for a $50 replacement fee. Also, there are no universal codes to the front gate only apartment specific codes assigned at move in. Please check with our office team if you do not know your code.

 10.Shower– In order to turn the shower on in your new home you must turn the HOT/COLD handle to the preferred temperature and pull down on the bottom of the water faucet where the water is flowing out.

THANK YOU FOR MAKING 4343 AT THE PARKWAY YOUR NEW HOME! Do not hesitate to call us with any questions: 972-818-9090 After hours emergency maintenance: 972-818-9090.




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