How to Check for Identity Theft

24 07 2010

Check for Identity Theft

Being a victim of identity theft can be emotionally and financially draining. Prevention is the key to avoiding the hassles that identity theft can bring to your life. You also need to check your financial situation on a regular basis to see if you have been a victim.

Step 1: Check your bill statements. Whether you receive your bills electronically or by snail mail, be sure to carefully check your bill statements every month. If you see any activity on your accounts that does not belong to you, contact the bill company immediately. If you have been a victim of identity theft, you may receive bills from companies you don’t even have an account with. Again, contact these companies immediately to report that the account is not valid and does not belong to you.

Step 2: Check your bank statements. Thieves tend to be sneaky and come up with unique ways to steal your money. Whether it is stealing one of your bank checks or using your debit card number to make purchases, you need to look for unauthorized transactions on your bank statements each month also.

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