Happy Tail from Lost Paws Rescue of Texas!

25 07 2010

As many of you know, 4343 at the Parkway apartment homes is the official sponsor of Lost Paws Rescue of Texas! We help out with fundraising events, join their yappy hour activities, and help support their cause! The 4343 at the Parkway team wanted to pass along a “Happy Tail” from the Lost Paws Rescue of Texas blog!

Bichon Puppies on June 23

Bichon puppies born 6/23. We have 6 pups…..3 girls, 3 boys

I know you are dying to see these adorable babes. 

Poor Chana is exhausted – she has been on puppy alert with little to no sleep for 5 days (AND she has three small children)

A special Thank You to Chana!!!! Thanks so much to you and your years of experience with the birthing process. The animals are in GREAT hands and we all look forward to seeing more pix.

These were two of the Bichon’s that Yvette got from a breeder that was going out of business and basically was going to leave these animals behind.

Here is the mother of the Bichon puppies…..

To read more updates on these adorable puppies check out the Lost Paws Rescue of Texas blog @ www.lostpawsrescueoftexas.wordpress.com !




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