Meet Meow-Meow- LPRT

25 08 2010

Turkish Angora Picture

Meow-Meow is a beautiful cat with no real issues except being skittish. Meow-Meow was captured during a raid on a hoarder’s house. She will come for petting as the family is settling down for the night or for a nap. During the day, she generally hides. She would be frightened in a busy environment. Meow-Meow comes to her name. She is fine with dogs, but has nothing to do with them. She would be fine with older children. Meow-Meow is a real pleasure to have at home. She has come a long way. She is completely litter trained. For more information please contact Kathi @ 817-891-3909.

Meow-Meow is house trained and spayed/neutered.




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