5 Safety Tips for Holiday Shopping Online

10 12 2010


Holiday shopping can be an exhausting experience, even online. There are so many places to visit and choices to make. You like to believe that the product and service recommendations you receive while shopping are helping show you the best bargains and important special offers. This is the claim made by many behavioral tracking advertisers. Their PhD-designed computer algorithms watch your every move and help predict what you might want to see.

But what happens when one of these friendly helpers has an ulterior motive such as selling your information to someone else or using it to invade your shopping privacy? These five tips will help ensure that you get the most from your holiday shopping experience and keep the unwanted intruders at bay.

1. Beware of upsells and add-ons

It is common practice to offer additional related items to a customer who just completed a purchase. If you purchased a pair of shoes, it is logical for marketers to assume that you might want socks or even another pair of shoes. How you deal with these prompts tells the vendor a lot about your tendencies and preferences. Most importantly, it tells them that you DO or DO NOT respond to such advertisements. Vendors design their sites and shopping carts based on this behavior. If you ignore such prompts, or quickly navigate away from the site after receiving your purchase confirmation, you will be less likely to become a statistic and more likely to keep your personal privacy intact.

2. Use a different email address

One of the biggest annoyances surrounding online shopping is the increase in follow-up emails that are sent after you make your purchase. Good marketers know that existing customers are their best customers, so almost every purchase you make online will result in a series of emails designed to get you back to the site to buy something else. Most sites assume that by making a purchase from them, you have voluntarily “opted in” to their email marketing campaigns. But don’t forget that you can opt-out by clicking on each email’s unsubscribe link, while this sounds easy enough, it can sometimes be a time-consuming, painful process. Instead, go to gmail.google.com and get a new gmail email address that you can use exclusively for online shopping. Make sure to create a legitimate email address because some purchases will require you to validate it. Once you finish holiday shopping, you can then choose to either ignore or cancel that gmail account, and your ‘real’ email inbox will remain spam-free.

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Come by the office TODAY for COOKIES!!! 09/10/2010

10 09 2010

We have home-made chocolate chip cookies here at the office till we run out! They are delicious so hurry by and grab a cookie!!!

Meet Meow-Meow- LPRT

25 08 2010

Turkish Angora Picture

Meow-Meow is a beautiful cat with no real issues except being skittish. Meow-Meow was captured during a raid on a hoarder’s house. She will come for petting as the family is settling down for the night or for a nap. During the day, she generally hides. She would be frightened in a busy environment. Meow-Meow comes to her name. She is fine with dogs, but has nothing to do with them. She would be fine with older children. Meow-Meow is a real pleasure to have at home. She has come a long way. She is completely litter trained. For more information please contact Kathi @ 817-891-3909.

Meow-Meow is house trained and spayed/neutered.


Meet Betsy!- LPRT

24 08 2010
Domestic Short Hair Picture
Hello! My name is Betsy, I LOVE to be petted, but you will have to come to me for some lovin. I love feather toys and jingle balls. I am a very playful kitty. For more information on Betsy, please contact Kathi @ 817-891-3909. Join us on Facebook: LostPaws Rescue

BETSY is up-to-date with routine shots and house trained.


4 Ways to De-Fat Your Cat

22 08 2010

If your cat’s packing on the pounds, here’s what you can do to help.

If your dog starts packing on the pounds, you take him for walks to get him moving. With cats, it’s more difficult. Today’s felines lead an inactive lifestyle, says veterinarian James Richards, director of the Feline Health Center at Cornell University. “More and more cats are living indoors, so they’re not out running around burning off calories.”

If you can feel your cat’s ribs with your fingers and see his waistline, he’s probably healthy. If not, help your kitty drop some weight:

  • Get him to play. Invest in some interactive toys such as a fishing-pole line for him to chase.
  • Watch portions. Keep her food out of reach when you’re not home. Cats should be fed mornings and evenings — don’t let them graze all day.

For more ways to de-fat your cat visit the Reader’s Digest website! Click Here.

Cats Nap in the Funniest and Cutest Places

4 08 2010
As these 11 adorable pictures prove, a cat can sleep just about anywhere.
Funny Cat Pictures
Funny Cat Pictures
Funny Cat Pictures
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August- Get Out of Jail Free Cards and Adoption Special!

26 07 2010


Our community, 4343 at the Parkway, just recently celebrated our annual pool party on July 17th, 2010.  We came up with a really great idea to help our community all the meanwhile helping our residents!  Our residents were given the chance to give a cash donation of $20.00 to Lost Paws Rescue of Texas and in return they would receive a “Get Out of Jail Free” card. The card is to provide some assistance to residents who may encounter late fees at one point of their stay here at 4343 (Worth $75 towards 1 day of late rent).

The residents were more excited about donating, than the free money they were receiving which was quite entertaining to us, because we assumed it would have been the reverse.   

We were pretty successful with the generous donations from our residents that took advantage of the “Get Out of Jail Free” cards. 

Since our pool party, we have received a couple more calls asking us if we are going to continue to take donations still so they can receive a “Get out of Jail free” card……so we are proudly here to announce that, “YES” we will be extending the donations until the end August. 

We are also offering a “Adoption Special” for residents who would like to adopt from Lost Paws Rescue of Texas!

Adopt a new cat or dog from LPRT and receive 1/2 off your pet fee ($150 fee and $100 deposit). You must show proof of the adoption through LPRT and also adopt during the month of August/pay fees to our community.

To learn more about LPRT visit them online @ www.lostpawsrescueoftexas.org.

Bring your $20 cash donation to the office and we will issue you the card.