Red River Rivalry

2 10 2010

The Red River Rivalry, commonly known as the OU-Texas Game or the Texas-OU Game, is the name for the annual college football game between the University of Texas Longhorns and the University of Oklahoma Sooners. The series is considered one of the greatest rivalries in American sports.[1] Both schools consider the game to be one of their biggest rivalries, alongside their in-state rivalries with the Texas Aggies, for the Longhorns, and the Oklahoma State Cowboys, for the Sooners. The name is derived from the Red River that forms part of the boundary between the U.S. states of Texas and Oklahoma. The game originated in 1900, while Oklahoma was still a United States territory and the Oklahoma campus was still in Oklahoma Territory.[2]

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Meet Meow-Meow- LPRT

25 08 2010

Turkish Angora Picture

Meow-Meow is a beautiful cat with no real issues except being skittish. Meow-Meow was captured during a raid on a hoarder’s house. She will come for petting as the family is settling down for the night or for a nap. During the day, she generally hides. She would be frightened in a busy environment. Meow-Meow comes to her name. She is fine with dogs, but has nothing to do with them. She would be fine with older children. Meow-Meow is a real pleasure to have at home. She has come a long way. She is completely litter trained. For more information please contact Kathi @ 817-891-3909.

Meow-Meow is house trained and spayed/neutered.

Meet Betsy!- LPRT

24 08 2010
Domestic Short Hair Picture
Hello! My name is Betsy, I LOVE to be petted, but you will have to come to me for some lovin. I love feather toys and jingle balls. I am a very playful kitty. For more information on Betsy, please contact Kathi @ 817-891-3909. Join us on Facebook: LostPaws Rescue

BETSY is up-to-date with routine shots and house trained.

4 Ways to De-Fat Your Cat

22 08 2010

If your cat’s packing on the pounds, here’s what you can do to help.

If your dog starts packing on the pounds, you take him for walks to get him moving. With cats, it’s more difficult. Today’s felines lead an inactive lifestyle, says veterinarian James Richards, director of the Feline Health Center at Cornell University. “More and more cats are living indoors, so they’re not out running around burning off calories.”

If you can feel your cat’s ribs with your fingers and see his waistline, he’s probably healthy. If not, help your kitty drop some weight:

  • Get him to play. Invest in some interactive toys such as a fishing-pole line for him to chase.
  • Watch portions. Keep her food out of reach when you’re not home. Cats should be fed mornings and evenings — don’t let them graze all day.

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Dog About Town: A wave of swim days and more fun this weekend | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News | Pets | Dallas Morning News

20 08 2010

Dog About Town: A wave of swim days and more fun this weekend | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News | Pets | Dallas Morning News.


19 08 2010

Poodle Picture

My name is Max Poodle and my foster mom drove to Pennsylvania to get me. She said I am a VERY SPECIAL boy. I guess I am. I am apricot, 3 years old approx., I weigh 16 pounds and I am stunningly gorgeous and extremely smart!
All that in one dog! I am healthy but I do have a tendancy to develop bladder stones. I had surgery to remove them and I need to be on a special diet to prevent the formation of stones. I have been doing very well since my surgery and my foster mom makes sure I only get Hills U/D. With that food, I do just great!
My previous owner wanted to have me euthanized because I had bladder stones and I was saved by the vet who did the surgery. I am very sociable, love people, get along with other dogs and I love to play and go to play care. I am a fantastic, highly trainable companion and I am also a good traveler. Will your home be mine too?
 I am updated on shots, heartworm negative, neutered, microchipped, and I had a dental cleaning too. I am also house trained, crate trained and leash trained. My adoption fee is $385. All adopters will complete an application form. For more info, please call Linda at 214-620-9846.

Max is up-to-date with routine shots, house trained and spayed/neutered.

Meet Harley- LPRT

17 08 2010

Schnauzer Picture

My name is Harley. I am endearing, sweet and will win you over in a heartbeat! I am about 4 years old, as far as we know, and I weigh 11 pounds.

I was a little hand shy for a couple days but my foster mom was able to get me past that with lots of love, hugs and kisses and now I’m a big love muffin!

My new home needs to be a very special one, filled with lots of love and affection for me, because I am a dream dog with a good little soul and I deserve that! I promise I will return the love 10 fold!!

Also, I am quiet and very rarely bark! I am playful and I love to be loved on and petted and once in awhile I will nudge under your hand so you will pet me.

If you would like to meet Harley, please go to our website at and complete an on line application. Harley’s adoption fee is $200, which includes shots, spay, heatworm test, and deworm.